Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8 - Background - Phone Consultation with CCRM

The phone consultation was set up for 4:30PM on April 24th. My husband was home and so we both had the opportunity to speak with the man who would eventually be our doctor - Dr. Surrey. He had all of our previous records in front of him as we spoke, so he was already well aware of our infertility history. He basically said that based on the information he had in front of him, not only would we be candidates for IVF, but we would actually be candidates for ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). ICSI is where they pick a quality sperm and inject it into the egg - it is commonly used when sperm morphology is an issue. After answering a few of our questions and we agreed that we would like to pursue treatment through CCRM, he transferred us to someone who would set up our 1 day IVF work-up. We would have to go out to Colorado for a full day of testing (some new tests, some tests that we already did, but they wanted to do them again). This would be much more testing than the University of Michigan ever required, but CCRM claims that this is one of the reasons that their rates are so good. So we then set up a tentative date based on my current cycle - Thursday, June 12th would be our one day work-up. We had a couple of tests that we would try to get done here - the hysterosalpingogram and some blood work.

About three days after our phone consultation, we received a big packet of info - our ivf workout sheet, hotels in the area, consent forms to sign, who our assigned nurse would be, etc., etc.. I noticed that "Day 3 Blood Draw" wasn't checked off. I knew that this we an important test, so I called to see if that was just a mistake. It was. I did need to have Day 3 blood drawn. I'm glad I called because day 3 would occur while we were in Michigan - if I missed it, it would have delayed our whole process an entire month.

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