Saturday, June 14, 2008

10 - Background - More prep before trip to CCRM (May/June 2008)

Once the HSG was complete, I only had a few more blood tests to complete here in Michigan before heading out to Colorado for our ivf work-up scheduled on June 12th, 2008. Again, I had these completed through my ob/gyn (my husband had his completed through his primary physician)...and, again, the costs of these test were covered through our insurance. CCRM sent a sheet indicating the tests that needed to be completed prior to going to Colorado and Day 3 testing wasn't checked off. I knew this was an important hormone test, so I called them and asked if I indeed needed the Day 3 testing. They said "yes" - I'm glad I checked. I ordered a very convenient blood shipping kit through the lab that works with CCRM ($70) and waited for my cycle to start.

And waited...and waited...and waited...the one month that I really needed my period to start on time, it was four days late, arriving June 9th. It needed to arrive by June 8th for us to keep our original June 12th appointment...the one day ivf work-up must be completed between cycle days 5-13....based on my June 9th start, June 12th would have been Day 4 of my cycle. This was my first indication that our lives and schedule will be truly controlled by this infertility beast for the next couple of months. So I called CCRM on June 9th and rearrange our work-up for June 18th. They then sent (via email) a specific schedule for the day - starting at 8:30AM ending at 3:30PM. It felt good to finally be done with the logistics on this end prior to heading to Colorado.

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