Monday, November 9, 2009

99- A visit sooner rather than later...

I've been bad about blogging lately...reading and commenting on other blogs as well as updating my own. For good reason...

A little over two weeks ago (I think, it's all been a bit of a blur), I got really sick. I was about to teach class on a Monday night when, completely out of the blue, I began vomiting violently. I cancelled class, went home, and felt a lot better, so I thought maybe it was just something I ate. I tried desperately to hydrate, knowing how dangerous dehydration is in pregnancy. All was fine...until I started vomiting violently again at around 1AM. Called the ob on call and as I suspected, she wanted me to go in right away for fluids. I got my one bag of fluids and a little Zofran and was feeling better - about to be released (discharge papers in hand) - when it all came crashing down. They took my blood pressure one last time and it was 175/109. I was released alright...released from the ER to Labor and Delivery.

Once I got to L&D they did their thing - NST testing, blood work, blood pressure readings, 24-hour urine analysis - and, the scary thing...the steroid shot to boast the baby's lungs in case I needed to deliver at 33 weeks. I spent about a day and a half at the hospital. Came home with "strict bed rest" instructions and an appointment scheduled in the office for a few days later. And the rest is history...bed rest, 2 appointments a week, baby monitoring twice a week, and a weekly ultrasound ever since....a diagnosis that wavers between pregnancy-induced hypertension and mild preeclampsia, depending on if protein shows in my urine. The hospital bag as been packed and is in the car. Essentially, the doc told us that we would be reevaluating what would be "the day" at every appointment.

And then this past weekend, another little jaunt to L&D - I had strong right-side pain under my rib. This was one of two "must call and get checked out" items. With this condition, it could indicate problems with the liver. Everything checked out fine - most likely a foot in the rib :-)

So things have been a little tense, although I can say we have been going with the flow as much as possible. Initially, we were told the he would deliver at 36 weeks at the latest (basically, this Monday). Then we were told 37 weeks. And now, at our last appointment, things were so stabilized that he said we would shoot for the Monday after Thanksgiving (38 weeks). That would be so great! Full-term, so less feeding issues, etc.

That appointment was on Thursday. It has been a nice couple of days since then. When we were told that we would most likely be delivering at 36 weeks, we kicked it into high gear - well, as "high gear" as you can get being on bed rest. We tried to get all the things that we planned on doing over that last month done, and for the most part, we did. So when we were told that we now have a little more time, we've realized that there is truly very little to do but relax. It's been nice.

Hopefully, part of my relaxing will be catching up on all your blogs...I'm so behind. But know you have all been in my thoughts.