Saturday, June 28, 2008

13 - Day of IVF work-up (June 18th, 2008)

We arrived at 8:30AM. They were expecting us and the building was very inviting. The receptionist handed us a schedule of the day's "events" which would take us through about 4PM that afternoon.

-Our first appointment was with Dr. Surrey. It was general in nature; mainly explaining that the ivf work-up would determine the protocol for further treatment. He talked a little bit about the possible benefits of the use of acupuncture immediately following the implantation process and advised us that this option would be available. He also reminded us of the decision that we would be making in regards to how many embryos we would decide to implant. He advised that based on the day's testing results, we may really want to consider implanting one embryo (because the various risks associated with carrying twins). I gave that doctor the paperwork from the tests we had completed in Michigan then we were off to our next appointment...

-The next appointment was the semen analysis (need I explain further?...).

-The next appointment was meeting with a lab assistant to sign and review A LOT of legal paperwork...this requires an separate blog entry.

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