Sunday, June 29, 2008

15 - Financing (June 18th, 2008)

After paper signing marathon, we met with someone to discuss our plans for financing. Prior to coming to this appointment, we discovered that you can get loans specifically for infertility treatments through Capital One (just Google Capital One and infertility loans). We applied for our desired amount over the phone, and they were able to give us an approval immediately. They have a variety of payment plans, each with low interest rates (the quicker you choose to pay it off, the lower the interest rate). Capital One then contacted CCRM and confirmed that we were patients. The money was then automatically transferred to CCRM. If you need to use some of that loaned money to purchase the fertility drugs, Capital One will cut you as separate check, made out to you, which you can deposit in your personal account to cover the cost of the drugs.

We again signed a bunch of papers (this time all were related to payment). I was impressed with how detailed the costs were broken down and explained to us.

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