Saturday, June 7, 2008

5 - Background - Actual Insemination (Dec 2007)

The actual intrauterine insemination, which took place on the morning of Dec. 8th, was pretty painless. My husband gave his sample about two hours prior to the insemination. They cleaned and sorted the sample, then handed us a piece of paper with a bunch on numbers and percentages on it. All I know is that they said the sample "looked great". That comment, along with yesterday's prediction of possibly four eggs releasing, gave us great hope.

The insemination was a little more painful than the sonohystogram. I was surprised because I had read that the insemination was usually much less painful than the sonohystogram. I then remembered that I took 600mg prior to the sonohystogram and nothing with the insemination. After we varified that they had the right sample, they simply put the sample in the catheter and inserted the catheter through my cervix...the idea being that the sperm were being given some extra help. I then laid on the table for about 15 minutes and thought baby thoughts. My husband was allowed to be in the room with me through this whole process.

Later that day I felt some strong cramping, but more in my ovaries as opposed to in my uterus. This was normal and was probably a result of multiple mature eggs being released.

Next step - wait game for two weeks.

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