Sunday, June 8, 2008

6 - Background - Insemination results (Dec 2007)

Result of the iui - a big fat negative. We were surprised at the time, but since then I have done a lot more researched and have realized that the iui actually only increases your chances for conception by 5% (5% more than trying naturally). It ended up costing about $2,000. WARNING: the price sheet we were given stated it would cost around $1,000, but there were a TON of other costs that weren't really explained to us. For example, they gave us a quote on the premise that we weren't going to be using medication. Without medication, you don't need an ultrasound the day before - you just do the at home ovulation testing, wait for a positive result, then call the clinic to schedule the insemination the next day. With mediation, they want to see how many eggs will be releasing. They never gave us a new quote with the ultrasound. Granted, we never asked either. My advice is to consistently go through all the processes with a fine comb and constantly ask questions - this is serious stuff and serious money.

So now the decision was what next? My husband was starting training for a new job from January through March (2008), so we knew our next chance for another procedure would be in late March. At this point, we spent a lot of time deciding if we wanted to pursue adoption or reproductive procedures - we didn't have the money to pursue both simultaneously. We had decided that we would try two more inseminations (in March and April) then reevaluate.

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