Sunday, October 12, 2008

50 - A Cozy, Welcoming Home To Be Filled

So, I was out doing yard work yesterday morning (another glorious day, I might add), and this car pulls up in front of the house and this lady yells "Excuse me...". I went down by her, assuming she was asking for directions. Nope. Apparently, she lives a few blocks away, and she wanted to stop by and tell me how much she liked our house. She said she loves seeing it on the way home from work...that it looks so cozy and welcoming and for some reason, really full of love. Above is a picture of it. It is obviously really quite modest compared to some of the homes in Ann Arbor. But her taking the time to stop by and tell me how she felt about it made me teary-eyed. She's right - it is welcoming, cozy, and full of love...and some baby (biological or otherwise) will have happy memories in this house.

I was reading Planet Davila's post yesterday...she made a comment about how when she found out that her sister (or is it sister-in-law...sorry about the details, Davs), she naively thought how easy it must be to get pregnant. Reading that reminded me of the time Alex and my naiveness was at an all time high. He was in New York City on a layover. I had about 14 hour free in between work and other obligations, and the ovulation test was positive, so I utilized my travel benefits, hopped on a plane, and spent about 9 hours in NYC - mainly doing the deed. And because this was going to be "the time", he bought candles, we had a nice romantic get the point. I even bought a rubber ducky with "NYC" on it at the airport on my way out. I still have it - only now it just serves as a reminder of how naive I was :-)! The whole thing kind of makes me laugh (KIND OF) baby yet, but a pretty good story.


DAVs said...

I guess being naive can be a good thing sometimes, too--your NYC encounter was probably a lot of fun at least!

And yes, your house looks like the perfect place to raise a family.

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

a tryst... a rendezvous...always a pretty good story :)

And that was a nice lady there who took the time to give a compliment! Indeed, your's looks like a very welcoming house!

Have a great week! And thanks for stopping by my other blog :)

Arpee @ The Saga of Becoming Fruitful

Emily (Apron Strings) said...

That's a beautiful house! And love your NYC tryst. Hubby & I had "instances" like that back in our naive days. And even though nothing came out of it, at least there were many good memories.

I hope one day you'll look back and think fondly of that time.