Tuesday, October 7, 2008

48 - BFN with a twist of a cyst....again, seriously?

So I have been feeling some pain in my left side that feels EXACTLY like how my ovaries felt during the stimulation process - except this time it is only on my left side. I started feeling it about 3 days ago, but it has gotten progressively worse - enough where it kept me up all last night and we contemplated an ER visit. I finally fell asleep, but I don't feel that much differently this morning. So I did some research and found that it is probably one of several things - 1)gas or constipation (don't think so - I could set my clocks by my bowel movements...I know TMI), 2)an ectopic pregnancy (HIGHLY doubtful, but could actually turn out to be my luck), 3) Growth of the corpus luteum (SP) cyst (which I just learned about - always grows after an egg is released, producing the progesterone, then reabsorbs if you are not pregnant, but continues to grow/exist through your first trimester if you are pregnant), which could indicate pregnancy - apparently, a lot of women experience lower left sided pain because of this starting in week 5 (right, that's the reason), or 4) a cyst of some sort that is somehow a result of the fertility drugs - this is possible and probably the most likely cause.

So, apparently a lot of these cysts that develop as a result of the fertility drugs don't reabsorb and have to be surgically removed. I am going to try to get in with my ob/gyn today or tomorrow.

For my fellow ivfers, have any of you experienced this after an unsuccessful cycle?...it's the icing on the big piece of crap cake.


Indigirl said...

Hi! Yes, unfortunately this is exactly what happens to me after each medicated cycle. The very next cycle there is a cyst that takes the rest of the cycle to resolve. The RE posits that it is not a functional cyst (ie is not producing progesterone) but rather is just in the process of reabsorbing. I've heard of people having to have these cysts dealt with surgically but I believe it is not the typical case.

DAVs said...

Big piece of crap cake made me laugh, if that's anything!
I never had a cyst post-IVF failure, but I did leave a couple of months between IVF 1 and IVF 2, but went right into IVF 3. And now it's been half a year between 3 and 4. I guess I'm not saying much, other than I'm sorry. It stinks.
Maybe you should get some real cake, with some really decadent icing, and it will make you feel better :)

Anniep said...

Doesn't that totally effing figure??? I didn't have cysts post crap-IVF, just beforehand (could have been left from crapIVF #1 come to think of it...). Mine shrank w/ lupron. Surgery? UGH.

How about a decadent cheesecake for those crapcake woes? *hugs*!