Friday, February 13, 2009

71 - Lessons in make-up application

Lesson #1: When you line your lips in the bathroom, but your actual lipstick is in the car, REMEMBER TO APPLY YOUR ACTUAL LIPSTICK BEFORE SPENDING 45 MINUTES IN TARGET PRANCING AROUND WITH BIG, UNFILLED CLOWN LIPS.

So, last week after the nightmare, I started thinking a lot about how I view myself and how that may effect this irrational feeling about my health. I view myself as frumpy. This was somewhat confirmed when I went with Alex on a trip and was hanging out with the flight attendants. One of them commented - "We knew the moment we saw you that you weren't the typical pilot's wife. They're mostly trophy wives. We knew you would be much more intelligent and down-to-earth.". Of course my overactive mind immediately read between the lines and interpreted their meant-to-be-a-compliment as "you're frumpy". And it is true - I spend no time or money on hair, make-up, nails, etc. If I do, I buy the absolute cheapest products, and I usually have no idea how to use them. So after the dream last week, I decided that I would spend an evening at one of those make-up counters and learn a few things.

It was great fun! She recommended using multiple eye colors AND an eyeliner. Whoa - a little over stimulating for a virgin-like make-up person, but I tried to pay attention and vowed that regardless of how I was feeling on a particular day, I would keep this routine up for a week. She also recommended lip liner in ADDITION to my regular this was getting complicated, but I sat strong and held tight to my vow.

So, I have kept up the routine since that counter appointment...and I must admit that I do like what I see a little more when I look in the mirror. Yesterday, I went through the whole routine in my bathroom, lip liner and everything, but then realized that I had left my actual lipstick in the car. Not a big deal - I would just put it on when I got in the car. Never happened. I stopped by Target before teaching (thank goodness!) and, sure enough, pranced around that baby-lovin' store for a good 45 minutes with big clown lips that looked very similar to the ones in the above picture. It was true divine intervention that caused me to look at myself one last time before heading into the classroom a hour or so later. You know, people were looking at me a lot in Target, but I just thought that they were looking at my new, beautiful eyes :-).

Ah well - the whole thing made me and the multiple people I told, laugh.

Today, Alex and I have no obligations. We are going to go around to some home-type stores and find some cheap stuff to give our place a little uplift in the midst of this long winter...things like a new shower curtain, dish towels - stuff like that. And then probably out to lunch. I love days like this. Hopefully, he will tell me if I forget and have big clown lips again :-).


coolcapmom said...

I bet you looked just two sexy. And ummmm....crazy insecurity r.e. the flight attendant are not frumpy! and i am quite sure it was a genuine compliment! You are just not big-haired and overdone. (To reference this look, check out my pic in our old hs yearbook!)

coolcapmom said...

Er...meant too...and was just explaining the concept of two/too/to to Sam. Apparently, have forgotten the 1st grade.

Sue said...

That is just really funny. I've done that makeup counter thing b/c I often feel frumpy too (right now I blame it on years of fertility treatments and minor depression, but I'm really not sure). And, I've tried lipliner but I always obsess that I will look like one of those women who puts on really dark liner and some super-light lipstick color and try to look like I'm from the 'hood. So, I always bite it off before I get anywhere. So, I gave up the lipliner. However, I have been trying to make more of an effort lately too.

By the way, from the pic of you online -not frumpy! I agree with coolcapmom - they probably just meant you didn't look fake and have big hair - HUGE compliment!

Lost in Space said...

Oh, this is just too cute.....and totally sounds like something I would do (and maybe have done). LOL.

Hmmmm, from your posted pic "frumpy" is not a word I would use to describe you. Could it be they meant something more along the lines of not overly done up with "fake" everything? I over-analyze everything too, but really you do look great in your pic!

I went on a girls night out a couple years ago and we somehow ended up at the MAC store. In all my non-girlyness I had never heard of it before. Yes, I live under a rock. Finally, a couple months after IVF#2 failed I made my way back to MAC alone to get lots of help. They make it look so easy, but then I try it at home and end up looking like a clown or a hooker. I really like "natural". LOL.

onwardandsideways said...

I so could have done that, your post made me laugh. The 2 times I've gone to a makeup counter in my life I have had to stifle a look of total horror when they handed me the mirror. What is it about those ladies that make them do everyone's makeup like a who-ar? Sounds like you got a good one though. And yeah, from your pic, you definitely don't seem to be in the frumpy department.

DAVs said...

First of all, YOU'RE NOT FRUMPY! Not in the least, from the pics I've seen of you.
That was a hilarious story, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That was too funny. :) Another tip: don't put your make-up on without a mirror. I was heading to the airport & finishing my make-up in the car in the back seat. I didn't have a mirror. Put on what I thought was lip-liner with lipstick. (I remembered the lipstick :) ) Turned out it wasn't lip liner. It was my black eyeliner!! My sisters didn't say anything to me until I was already walking around the airport!! -Rachael V.

Jill M. said...

That's hilarious, thanks for sharing a good laugh. You are so not frumpy!

Sky said...
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Sky said...

What's with the BS?! I've SEEN your pictures. You are ridiculously pretty - no frumpy anything!!! (never mind that you're also about 20 years too young for it)

As for not being a trophy wife, that's ONLY a good thing. I've met trophy wives - empty shells who visit the gym 2 hours a day, consume no more than 500 calories/day and stand looking pretty - wherever they are. Ask them a question about the economy, the housing crisis, genocide in Darfur, Kim Jong-il and they cock their heads sideways like a puzzled dog. That's no compliment.

You're a smart, cool, funky, current and super pretty chick.

So there!

MamaSoon said...

I've been shocked that my hubby has neglected to tell me things like, "You forgot mascara on one of your eyes." Or that I forgot makeup altogether. Men! It is better than them picking up on every mistake or oops.

I am just like you. I went for my first make up lesson at 35 in December. The lady taught me how to put on eye shadow in a a step by step way. It has been great. I also got a lip liner and gloss. I forgot the gloss once so i filled the whole thing with liner and then used chap stick for some moistness. What do I know!? LOL.

Your post is so funny!

Angie said...

Ah, what a riot! You could always say that you were doing an experiment to see if anyone noticed! ;-) And I agree w/ the others, frumpy is not a word for you! You look totally cute & down-to-earth! Happy you enjoyed your make-up lesson!

BTW, hint, I save the lipliner and lipstick application for the car (on the days I wear it) - otherwise, I forget I have it on and leave a big smooch on DH's cheek!