Monday, August 18, 2008

35 - Dreams of med dosages - August 18th, 2008

The above picture is taken on the deck of the house we are staying at while in Colorado...humming birds everywhere.

Last night was a true example of how invasive the whole ivf process really is...I spent a majority of the night (so it felt) dreaming of various med dosage situations. In one dream, the clinic called and said that because my estradiol was so high, they needed to but me on different meds for another 5 days. So then, in my dream, I was spending a ton of time online learning everything I could about the new meds and finding out what being on meds for an additional 5 days did to the success statistics. This is just one example of several med dosage dreams I had last night...time to officially stay off the internet, you think?

Had my 5th ultrasound and blood work (and hopefully last before trigger/retrieval) this morning. The lab tech who drew my blood told me an inspiring story. Her daughter did ivf through ccrm. They got 19 eggs from her, but by day 5 after fertilization, all but 1 egg died. They implanted that one egg and she is now due in about 3 weeks...

I will post again this afternoon when we find out if tonight will be trigger night.


mymadori said...

I just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck on the stim check. I came upon your blog while searching for CCRM blogs a month or two ago.

We're on almost the same cycle. I also go to CCRM and have a tentative egg retrieval on Sunday. I've been through two stim checks so far and have 13 eggs growing.

Best of luck to you!!!!

Christina said...

Hi mymadori,

Thanks for the comment. Good luck to you as well! I've probably seen you in the waiting area at some point.