Tuesday, September 7, 2010

103 - Twas the day before school...

My school, that is. Back to work tomorrow. I did go back to work last semester, but was only teaching two classes - this semester, I will be teaching four classes with a lot of additional responsibilities...including an increasingly mobile baby. I'm excited and nervous. I have this feeling, though, that life is going to feel a little more balanced this way. And that, folks, could easily be denial. "Denial" - it ain't just a river. That's one of Alex's favorite phrases.

We had a socially-packed Labor Day weekend, and Emmeline thrived. She loves being on the move and with people. She is not one of those babies that get overly stimulated by a lot of action...in fact, she is quite the opposite. I find that her crankiest days are the ones where we just chill around the house all day. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-).

Her 9-month well visit went, well. 18lbs 3ounces and 27 1/2 inches...right around the 50% for both. Her head still hovers around the 25%, which is fine as long as we don't see any large increases/decreases. The doc expressed a little concern about the lack of babbling, but not urgent concern. The plan is to give it another month and then do a hearing test. She is getting noisier every day...just not with those pesky little consonant sounds.

In other breaking news, she is getting really good at finger food. I never knew I could find so much enjoyment in watching someone feed themselves a Cheerio.

B comes in an hour or two and Emmeline is still sleeping. Time to cram in important things - like going to the bathroom by myself ;-).


Anonymous said...

very nice to finally get updates!

JEN said...

Enjoy every minute :)