Thursday, August 26, 2010

102- I beleive in cloning

Of myself, that is. In one circumstance - to watch my Sweet E while I'm gone.

We started with a babysitter. 10 hours a week. Today was her third day, and for the most part, we're pleased. B was selected after 8 resumes, 5 interviews, and 2 on-the-job interviews. Emmeline seems to like her. B takes "constructive suggestions" well and seems happy to be here. Today, E even made a sad face and leaned towards the door when she left. I trust E is safe. I trust that B is doing her best. But how could anyone love her as much as we do? Then I ran into a mom at the park near our house and shared my mommy guilt experiences with her. She's an elementary teacher. She reminded me - "I'm not their mom, but I still genuinely care for and love my students and try to do what's best for them.". Yes, B will be great once I get over my own stuff.

We celebrated her 9-month day today by a trip to the Chelsea Community Fair. She was quite interested in all the animals and especially liked the horses. She was pretty wiped by the time we made it to the carousel, but was a trooper nonetheless. It was fun, family day. Alex and I agreed that we need more of these. Often, when he is just home for a day or two, we spend most of that time running errands and "getting stuff done" - some of it necessary, some of it a waste when we take the time to look at the big picture of what's important.

E continues to progress fast in the gross motor skills area. Today, she started standing by herself for short periods of time. I bet she walks by ten months. Verbal skills, on the other, this kid is Q-U-I-E-T. I have no concerns about her cognition, social, or emotional development, but I am starting to get a little concerned about her lack of babbling. We are going to set up a hearing test in the next couple of weeks. I absolutely know she hears big sounds; it's the softer ones that concern me. When B came yesterday, she also commented how quiet E is and how unusual quiet our dog, Kharma, is for a shit-tzu. It's true - both are unusually quiet. Maybe our house is so peaceful and calm that we just raise peaceful, calm, and in these cases, quiet sentient beings? I like that explanation much better than a possible hearing problem.

I hear a little fussing on the monitor...and so the day begins.


Sue said...

I've heard that when a baby is working on one set of skills, other skills fall to the side. So, since she is moving so fast in terms of standing, moving, etc, maybe she is just being silent because she is concentrating on that? I had similar worries since my daughter was rolling over very early and then she totally stopped rolling over AT ALL and all she does is babble and raspberry all day and night.Someone at my church said this is exactly what happens and once they master the skill they are working on, the other stuff comes back (mine will start rolling again and your's will start babbling!). I'm going with that...

It sounds like you got a great babysitter, but I totally understand how hard it is and exactly why it is so hard! You are being a great mommy though and she knows it and will show it by being secure with the babysitter!!!

Sky said...

Yeah, my mom said I was a yapper VERY early but didn't walk until 13 months. I was just lazy lazy lazy but had lots to say. :)

lastchanceivf said...

Glad to see you back in the blogworld, you were missed.

It sounds like E is doing really well!

coolcapmom said...

You're back!!! Yay! Pleasant surprise for me.