Sunday, July 27, 2008

24 - Food for IVF and beyond - Month of July

Based on the book "The Fertility Diet" (which I purchased several months ago, but didn't implement until about three weeks ago) and recommendations from my CCRM nurse, I have made major diet changes...I feel WONDERFUL and very healthy. Here are some of the guidelines I've been following:

caffeine (including chocolate)
white flour
processed sugar
processed foods
drinks other than water

-Prenatal vitamin
-Water (about 2 liters)
-1 cup red raspberry leaf or nettle tea
-Three bright/deep colored fruits (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, cherries)
-Protein smoothie with 1/2 cup organic whole milk yogurt (and above fruits)
-Three brightly colored vegetables (Broccoli, carrots, bell peppers, sweet potatoes)
-One bean/lentil protein (usually for lunch)
-One meat/fish protein (salmon, tilapia, chicken - usually for dinner)
-One extra protein (such as hummus or a hard boiled egg)
-One serving of whole grain/multigrain (such as toast, whole grain pasta, quinoa)
-One serving of nuts (either whole nuts or almond/peanut butter)
-One whole dairy serving (another 1/2 cup yogurt or cottage cheese)

Maintaining this diet has been somewhat time consuming (but completely worth it). Because I am mainly buying fresh food (and organic, when available and affordable), I need to shop more frequently...and because I've been making everything from scratch...this takes a lot of time. Perhaps the most time consuming part of this diet is the mental energy it takes to maintain it...I am use to grabbing a donut and diet pepsi for breakfast...seriously. So, I feel like I am rewiring my brain. Hopefully, it won't feel as consuming once the rewiring is complete. My relationship with food is definitely changing - before, nurturing myself was splurging on french nurturing means a protein smoothie or some red peppers and hummus. I feel like I have such a good start to pregnancy if this ivf cycle is successful.

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