Tuesday, September 8, 2009

97 - Summer is over and school starts!

So I'm back to teaching tomorrow, and I am looking so forward to it - more so than in years past. I think there are several reasons why. First, I think I am ready to get into a routine and exercise my mind beyond finding baby things on Craig's List and organizing yet another drawer. Second, I will be teaching three courses this semester, which is basically full-time. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I'll be hanging out on campus all day long; having lunch, running into students, working on curriculum and assignments. I think it is going to have a different feel from the semesters when I only taught one or two classes and would just run in and teach and run out. Third, I definitely think there is some strong maternal instinct going on - I feel a stronger motivation to do a good job - to really give these kids what they are paying for....to inspire them. Maybe I'll watch "Mona Lisa Smiles" tonight to really get in the mood :-).

The semester will be interesting in another way....classes end Dec. 12th, with exams the following week. My due date? Dec. 13th. I know, I'm cutting it a little close. I have already made arrangements for someone to proctor my exams. But who knows if I will go early. Ah well - everyone is advised, and I hope I have things organized enough for someone to somewhat easily takeover if that happens.

So what to do on the last day of probably the best summer of my life? Yesterday, I made a very large, unrealistic "to do" list...as if there will be no more time for anything (even though I will only be teaching 2 days a week) once fall starts. I think I'll work through that list the best I can without stressing about what doesn't get done. Then Alex and I have plans to go to the Saline Community Fair tonight...although it is pouring right now. Whatever we do, I will definitely be sad to see the summer go. I think this is the first time I've felt this way in a very long time.

On the baby front...deals, deals, and more deals. We went garage shopping this weekend and I got a exersaucer that retails for about $80 for $5. Then yesterday I got the EXACT $140 swing we registered for off Craigs List for $45...basically new condition. I'm getting excited for my showers - one is a Dr. Seuss themed family shower and the other one is a English tea friend shower at this very cool Victorian B&B. Oh - and for the first time in our marriage, Alex and I have resorted to sleeping in separate beds. Why, you may ask? Because I now snore like a tortured pig ;-).

Bye bye summer 2009! Hello fall...you have a lot to live up to!


Sharon said...

Hey! Your due date is my birthday! That's so exciting. I'm so happy that things are going well for you. You so deserve this. Enjoy the last of summer...it sounds like a busy fall ahead. And hopefully the snoring will go away. My "pregnancy rhinitis" finally resolved itself in my third trimester.

BTW...my baby was born on August 24th. A little girl that we named Jessica June. She's perfect. (No amnio for me either.) So I can sympathize with wanting to get stuff done now before your baby comes! Because your schedule will not be your own after that. (Not that I mind.)

So glad things are going well. Keep posting!

onwardandsideways said...

Girl, you made me laugh so hard yesterday morning. I read your comment from my iPhone in bed... just after my husband complained to me (again!) that I am now snoring like a truck driver and would I please cut it out because he can't get any sleep?... LOL!

I'm all, um, not much I can do about it. And this is payback for all those times when he has woken me up (he's got a pretty loud snore at times.) We don't have a 2nd bedroom he can go to, and the couch won't work either... poor thing. Ah well, something he can experience to relate to what I'm going through.

Glad you liked the muffin recipe; it's a good base recipe. I just found another one - Carrot Cupcakes - that is pretty darn good too. Will post that soon.

Glad you're doing well!

Sue said...

Hehe...DH said I was snoring a little yesterday too:-) But, he deserves it- give the guy a beer or two and the walls rattle! (I'm also getting him back for all those times he farted in bed too!).

I'm so happy things are going well. It sounds like you had a really great summer! I am just learning how to have fun again (and not be obsessed about IF all the time!). It sounds like you are cutting it close at work, but it also sounds like you are going to have a great semester...and you have plans in place in case you go early!!!

DAVs said...

It sounds like things are moving right along. The busy-ness of the fall will be good for making the time zip right by! You'll be bringing home a baby in a stocking :)

And no, I didn't get your email :(

Retro Girl said...

Davs! Oh no! I replied right away...I'll go though my sent email and send it again tonight...although now it will seem dated. Check your spam if you don't get it tomorrow. Bummer - this makes me sad :-(.

Angie said...

Score on those good deals! That is awesome! So good to hear you're "just living life". Your shower themes sound like fun ~ so creative! Cannot believe fall is here, and Dec will be here before you know it!!!