Sunday, June 7, 2009

92 - NT Scan

Last Thursday was our NT Scan. Everything is fine. It is amazing how they make that determination by measuring the very small neck fold. See that bright spot at the base of the neck? They want it under 3.0mm. It was. Above 3.0mm would indicate a high probability for Down's.

Once Alex and I made the determination that we would have the test, we also had the discussion about what we would do with the information. We would do nothing except be a little more prepared for the news when the baby arrived.

Alex has a sister, Emily, who has Down's. She is one amazing human being. She gives and receives love better than most. She lives in a very nice group home with a couple other girls and a house mom. Her house is also nicer than most homes in appearance. She works at Subway - has been for several years. She loves to shop, listen to her CDs, and watch TV. She really loves to watch TV - so much so that when she was limited on her TV viewing time, she took about 15 pictures of the TV screen throughout an episode of Full House, printed them, and made a "Full House" book that she could look at when the TV was required to be off. Brilliant. She also is a supreme judge of character. If Emily is not showering someone with affection - beware - it is probably not someone who deserves it.

So for us, the decision what to do with this NT Scan information was clear. Of course we are thrilled that everything is fine, but we are also pretty convinced the world would be a better place with more Emilys.

And Emily, if you really did run for President, I would totally vote for you!

More to write...hopefully I'll fit in another post before I start traveling with Alex tomorrow.


coolcapmom said...

Love looking at the picture of the baby and of Emily. She will be sooo excited to be an aunt!
I think Down syndrome is much like many things, the fear of the unknown is what scares so many. Maybe you have helped a little with your beautiful blog.

Jill M. said...

Congratulations on another milestone! Yes, it is amazing that the measurement of the neck fold can give so much info. My neice's baby's neck fold measured large and he was born with Downs. That little boy is loved so deeply by our family. I think we can all learn something from them about loving others and enjoying the simple things in life.

DAVs said...

Yay, such good news for you guys!! Your baby will be lucky to have such a loving, kind aunt. Well, your baby is going to be lucky, period. So many good things to come!
PS Thanks for my package!!! :)

Sue said...

That is great news! And, I totally agree- Aunt Emily is going to be so happy to be an aunt and will be a great one too!

onwardandsideways said...

Aw, so sweet, that scan! Very glad to hear it went well for you. I think I'm getting some energy back, but nothing like you, girl. I'm impressed!