Wednesday, December 31, 2008

65 - 2008 Recap Part Two

The previous post is my Top Five Bad Moments of up...
The Top Six Happy Moments of 2008 (again no significance to the order):

#1 Alex got hired by Delta. While an aviation life is not ideal under any circumstance (see previous posts :-)), Delta is SO much better than his previous flying job. In the old job, he was gone for a minimum of 17 days a month, in a row, every month, and we sustained this for almost 4 years. Now he is usually gone for 3 days in a row and more like 12-13 days a month total. So much better. This is a pic of the airplane he flies.

#2 We met J and T while at CCRM. J and T are the people we stayed with through our whole IVF process out there. J is the sister of my previous piano teacher whom I still keep in touch with. J and T have a beautiful 6,000 sqft home that over looks the Rockies - and they essentially gave us the whole lower floor to live in. They were with us and such a support during this very stressful time of our lives - and they were wonderful. We had never met them before I showed up on their doorstep that night before our first CCRM stim check...and now I know we will be friends for life. Below is a pic J emailed me after our BFN. Their cat hated me for some reason...must have been all the hormones I was on while we were visiting :-).

#3 Aaron, my best friend's son, is doing amazing after his extremely traumatic entry into this world. He's cruising and is so close to walking. He waves. He claps. He laughs a lot and gets angry. He attacks my head and earrings when I hold him in front of my face. A miracle. And I also feel that this traumatic event has brought me closer to my three best friends of 29 years - L (Aaron's mom), M, and B. We talked a lot during that time and really supported each other. Here's a pic of Aaron in the nicu and a pic taken this fall-

#4 I had the best trip of my life in February of this year. I went to Sicily to visit a friend/professor/co-worker (I know, the boundaries are all blurred). She has family in central Sicily, so we spent time staying with them - it was such an authentic experience. I will never forget the few hours we spent on their family farm, soaking up the sun and looking out onto the rolling Sicilian hills while sipping limoncello. These were perhaps some of the best few hours of my entire life - truly. The image attached to my profile on this blog was taken in Sicily...and the ricotta in those cannolis was actually warm (it was so fresh)! Thank you, D and P!

#5 I loved my first semester in MSW school...the courses, my professors, the environment, etc. I learned so much.

And the 2008 happy moment that tips the scales for the "good"...

#6 Obama.

Seriously, how can 2009 NOT get better?

Revision: How could I forget! Another Happy Moment for 2008 was that Alex and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We celebrated in Florida where we first met in 1995. Sorry babe for the really was a 2008 highlight. I made a slide show of pics of us from the last 13 years then surprised him by presenting it to him in the lecture hall where we first met. We had a good celebration.

So now the scales officially tip 7 good to 4 bad. See ya, 2008!


DAVs said...

Aww, these are all good.
We made a little video montage earlier in the year that showed all the GOOD stuff that has happened during our crappy infertility journey and it was fun to do. We always look at each other and say "aside from IF, our lives are GOOD, very good." And we really truly mean it. It sounds like you have a very similar attitude.

To start the New Year off I want to do some baking...and it is a sign, b/c the word verification is "dessert"!

natenang654 said...

Hands down, your good highlights outweighed the bad! Yay! Wishing you a VERY Happy New Year!

Wild Blue said...

Those were some pretty good things - I didn't realize that your trip to Sicily was THAT amazing. I knew you liked it but you really enjoyed it!

I know that our anniversary was on the list - just hard to fit onto top six list.

Lost in Space said...

I love that you were able to find more blessings than heartaches, especially since your heartaches were some pretty big ones. I love your attitude and hope that 2009 brings you nothing but happiness!

MamaSoon said...

It is nice to remember all that is wonderful in our lives. And may 2009 be filled with many more!

Sicily looks fantastic. I just love Italy.

Polly Gamwich said...

Sicily must have been so much fun!

And I love your idea about celebrating your 10 year anniversary, even if mentioning it was an afterthought *wink*.

Congrats on 10 years!

Jill said...

I'm really glad that there were more good things about 2008 than bad. Great perspective. I really hope that 2009 brings you lots of joy and happiness!